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Joining SNEI

Starting next week I will be joining Sony Network Entertainment Incorporated (SNEI), as a Software Engineer. I’m looking forward to joining the team in San Francisco to work on some exciting new projects. I’m also looking forward to doing some PS3,... Read The Rest →

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Abusing C++ with Expression Templates

Abusing C++ is an exploration of how far a compiler can be pushed using metaprogramming techniques. Templates are typically frowned upon in game development due to the additional complexity and the increased build times, but they are an incredibly powerful mechanism... Read The Rest →

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#include <best_practices>

There is nothing that can break a programmer’s concentration quite like a long compile time. As a project grows a simple change can go from a second wait, to a trip to the coffee pot; A complete rebuild becomes something that... Read The Rest →

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Site Redesign

Welcome to my newly redesigned portfolio. The site has a fresh look thanks to the Equilibrium theme from Onion Eye. The site should be updated on a more regular basis from here out, as I plan on cross-posting any #AltDevBlogADay articles... Read The Rest →